Give Me 60 Minutes & I´ll Uncover Hidden Opportunities For You To Build Wealth Faster With Less Risk & Effort... Absolutely Free


Warning: this is NOT some MLM, "get-rick quick" opportunity! If you´re looking for that, you´re on the wrong page.

If you´re still reading, let me share with you that I've set aside some time to personally design a personalized wealth blueprint for you... absolutely free.

The personalized blueprint will take into account your wealth objectives, investment areas of interest, income, and expense ratios, and show you how to have only the best pre-vetted opportunities coming to you as if your wealth-building was on auto-pilot.

This way you'll be in a position to witness and participate in the highest quality opportunities that other people never get to see. You will no longer have to waste hours and hours looking for good opportunities and markets.

I offer this service because I'm a wealth expert - and for the last twenty years have helped thousands of people increase their wealth, grow their businesses, and improve their lives.

And there's a good possibility you can increase your cash flow with very little effort, which will all be detailed in the blueprint I'll be giving you for free.

If you find the plan I create for you valuable, you may wish to become a client. If that happens and I think it makes sense, you may request to apply for our Wealth Mastery program that costs only $497 per month.


With that said, please understand that I am not offering you a "sales pitch in disguise". I promise not to pressure or badger you in any way at all. The blueprint and session are free.

In fact, if you feel I've wasted even one second of your time; let me know and I'll immediately write you a check for $100 to compensate you for your time.

BUT, before we go further, you need to know something... I can't help everyone.

I can only be of benefit to people who are:

  • Action-oriented
  • Enthusiastic about increasing their wealth
  • Willing to make adjustments for growth
  • Have at least some assets to work with

So if you meet the above criteria, and aren't flakey, keep reading:

Here's What to Do Next

First, let's give you a taste of what it's like to work together...for free.

And only if you like that, then we can talk about accepting you as a client.

The way it works is simple.

Request your free blueprint session by clicking the button below. You'll be taken to a quick little questionnaire that helps us get prepared to help you when we talk.

Don't worry. The questionnaire isn't intrusive or complex.

We just need a little info on your situation today, and how you want your wealth to look in the future.

This information helps us start working on blueprint ideas before we talk; so as soon as we're on the phone, we can "hit the ground running" and make progress immediately.

Now after you've completed the questionnaire...

Then We Schedule A Time To Go Over Your Unique Situation & Create Your Blueprint... FREE

My office will call you and get you scheduled ASAP; this typically requires no more than a day or two from when we receive your questionnaire.

Don't worry, you're not going to hear from telemarketers or slick salespeople.

We don't work that way.

The objective is to give you a custom wealth plan, for free - and let that experience speak for itself.

If you want to become a client after that; cool. But if not, no problem!

Oh, and speaking of the blueprint:

Here's What Happens
When We Talk!

You'll probably talk to me, personally, or one of my head strategists.

There are two things we do on the call:

First, we shut up and listen to you.

We find out exactly how your current situation looks (and how you want it to look).

We discuss what interests you investments-wise, where you think your biggest areas of focus should be, and everything else you want to discuss.

Then we find out what exactly you want to accomplish; numerically.

We also review what kind of ROI you want, how much cash flow you want to generate, what your past results were like, and so forth.

Basically, we're getting a snapshot of where you are now, and where you want to be.

Next, we start to build the blueprint to get you there.

And this is where the blueprint process comes in.

The way that works is we'll "prescribe" a wealth process and map it out for you... based on your current situation and goals.

I can't overstate this enough: this is very, very important!

Like I always say, there's no such thing as a "one-size-for-all" wealth plan - and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.

That's why we create a custom blueprint based on your specific situation and goals.

Next: Using Your Free Blueprint

There are two ways you can use the free plan we give you.

First, you can try and implement the entire plan by yourself or hire someone else to do it. If that's your decision, I'm happy we helped you get that far - and I'll wish you blessings.

Your other choice is to apply for Wealth Mastery and have our team help you.

If that's your decision, we'll personally coach you through every step of the way, talk with you regularly, help you get over hurdles, and provide ongoing support... all for just $497 per month.

BUT, whatever you decide, please know there will be no pressure to become a client.

We'll let the results speak for themselves. Now...

Here's the "Catch"
You've Been Looking For

It's simple.

We can't (and will not) talk to just anyone.

In order to invest our time, energy, and resources into providing you with a custom wealth blueprint, you need to meet the previously mentioned criteria and one more strict item. This one is completely and utterly, non-negotiable.

Here it is:

You can't just accumulate wealth for yourself, or do anything unethical with the increased influence and "voice" that comes with wealth.

Each day 8,500 children die of starvation - and my vision is to help as many good people as possible become wealthy so they can make a positive impact on the world.

We WILL NOT work with narcissists; no matter how much they want to pay.

That's it!

As long as those reasonable criteria are met, we'd be delighted to help you...for free - and if you get value out of the blueprint work and want to apply for the Wealth Mastery program; cool.

Ready to rock? Hit "Complete Questionnaire" below to get started!


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to speaking with you real soon, and tinkering on your custom wealth blueprint together : )


J. Patrick Nichols

P.S. We can only do this for so many people - and our calendars are filling up. Don't miss out, because when it comes to financial wellness, time IS of the essence. ACT NOW

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